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  • Newman -
    Labeling Machines
  • Microfluidics -
  • Ambeg -
    Glass Forming Machines
  • Bleymehl -
    Laminar Flow Equipment
  • Binder -
    Vessels and Tanks
  • Cepa -
    Industrial Centrifugues
  • Crimpers for
    Vials Stoppering
  • Second Hand Equipment
    Packaging Materials and Consumables
    Clean-room Garment

    Process Equipment

    The company “Holding “Pharm Tech” represents in Russia and CIS countries following specialists in pharmaceutical process equipment supplies:

    NEWMAN Labeling Systems – Labeling Machines
    Microfluidics – Nanoprocessors
    AMBEG Dr. J. Dichter GmbH – Glass Forming Machines
    BLEYMEHL Reinraumtechnik GmbH – Laminar Flow Equipment
    BINDER GmbH – Vessels and Tanks
    CEPA – Industrial Centrifugues
    And also, “Holding “Pharm Tech” is trading with special Fermpress Crimpers for vials and bottles stoppering
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