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    Microfluidics - Nanoprocessors

    Microfluidizer processors are used regularly to create materials on the micro- and nano-scale to achieve unique product characteristics and qualities. Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors enable leading companies worldwide to create superior products, develop intellectual property, improve process efficiency and capitalize on new revenue streams.

    The Microfluidizer® Processor Distinction Constant Pressure + Fixed Geometry = Uniform Results

    Innovative Microfluidizer processor technology is changing the scope of the fluids processing industry. Used for emulsions, dispersions, deagglomeration, encapsula¬tion and cell rupture, it represents an exciting alternative to conventional methods. Your formulations will be consistent and reproducible and they will scale up easily from laboratory to production. With Microfluidizer processor technology, 100% of your product is exposed, within the fixed geometry interaction chamber, to identical processing conditions, every time.

    Microfluidizer processor systems are technically superior and quality built. They couple an intensifier pump with a patented interaction chamber which is devoid of moving parts. Product is pressure fed through fixed microchannels as minute as the cross section of a human hair and at speeds up to hundreds of meters per second. Powerful forces of shear and impact occur and the product is now dramatically improved.

    Microfluidizer processor technology improves a broad and diverse array of applications. These are examples of typical results:

  • High Solids Dispersions
  • Fine Emulsions
  • Cell disruption (up to a 99% rupture rate)
  • Microencapsulation (liposomes)
  • Deagglomeration
  • Microfluidizer processor equipment is versatile, efficient, economical and invites user creativity.

  • Guaranteed scaleup
  • Broadest choice of pressure ranges, 250 to 40,000 psi
  • Patented, ultra wear-resistant interaction chamber
  • Steam-in-place and clean-in-place
  • Batch or continuous flow
  • Portable, lightweight R&D units
  • Flow rates from 100 ml/min to 18 gpm
  • CE and ATEX compliance available for all machines.
  • Pilot/Production systems automation (to customer specifications).

    Microfluidizer Processor Flow Diagram

    For more information about Microfluidics and its products, visit

    For more information please contact person in Russia: Mrs. Valeria Zaitseva. e-mail:; phone: +7 (495) 940-84-11 ext. 117.

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